Custom Solutions

The needs of our clients are very broad and different, and they depend on the current market situation. Creditreform can adapt to your needs. We offer various custom-made solutions: reviewing/drafting of agreements, credit management advice, and marketing advice, to name just a few. We are open to our customers and partners, and we are prepared to examine the needs of our customers and constantly improve and develop our services.

Reviewing of agreements/drafting advice

Creditreform offer to review and supplement your enterprise agreements with the required information. Our lawyers will also provide you legal advice on drafting new agreements.

Credit management advice

Creditreform offer advice regarding the development of a credit management system for your company that would include: screening of prospective customers, subsequent monitoring, debt recovery, and litigation. Our advice will let your company concentrate all debt-related activities in one system that will include information on all the actions taken and their timing.

Marketing advice

Creditreform Latvija can provide marketing advice to your company. We will help you select your prospective customers by industry, number of employees, location, etc. We can select top companies of a specific industry and sort them by regions, which will greatly help your sales staff. Creditreform also provide contact information that includes the official and actual address of the prospective customer, phone No. etc. In addition to the selected information, you can add the risk category of the prospective client that would let you avoid non-paying customers in the future.